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Situated in the beautiful Western Cape Province of South Africa, the CATURRA AFRICA©, is a local roaster of only the highest quality coffee’s available…

Amongst the large variety of coffee trees there is a very special one, which, if handled with extraordinary care and attention, is known for a high yield combined with full flavour and distinct aroma – the CATURRA tree.


Cimbers master bellagio

Our Products

Our Tea

Our Tea

The complexities of our tea are endless, from the appearance of the leaves, the aroma, the body, to the discernible flavour.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

A chocolate indulgence like no other, the richness, the creaminess, it’s love in a cup!

Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Enjoy the distinctive taste of our revitalizing and refreshingly natural spring water.


Our partners

Our Brands

Being a leader in the Hot & Cold beverage industry, CATURRA AFRICA©; has continually surrounded themselves with only the most specialised leading brands in the World.

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